Manifesto Startup Design


Why do you price or package your work this way?

Our goal is to develop lasting and impactful relationships with fewer clients through ongoing collaborations, where we act as your remote team members.

Furthermore, after 15+ of working with teams of all sizes, we’ve discovered a mutual want from both us and the client for predictability. Clients benefit from peace of mind knowing that they can get continuous high-quality design work without trading estimates and invoices (if it’s a quoted project), highly variable billable hours (if it’s an hourly engagement), or paying a full time salary for a top quality senior product designer (>$130,000 + benefits + recruiting).

How many requests do I get?

You're able to add as many design requests to your queue as you'd like, and they will be delivered one by one. After signing up, we’ll create a shared board in Trello that will serve as our central resource. You create requests by adding information to a new Trello card. 

How do I request designs?

We offer a ton of flexibility in how you request designs using Trello. Some common ways clients request designs is directly via Trello, sharing Google docs or wireframes, or even recording a brief Loom video (for those who prefer not to write their briefs out). Basically, if it can be linked to or shared in Trello, it's fair game.

How much feedback can I give once I get a deliverable?

As long as you’re a client, there is no limit to how many iterations we will work on for you. This is definitely one of the main benefits of the model.

How fast can I expect delivery on my requests?

You will receive new deliveries on your requests within 2-4 days on average. Design projects are, by nature, highly variable in scope. We will assign a size to each request so you always know how big each task is.

So for requests labeled S (Small), a delivery will usually mean a completed design in 2-3 days. For more complex requests, we like to break the work out into smaller tasks and deliver accordingly. We like to provide regular updates via Slack.

What if I only have a single request?

That's fine. You can pause your subscription when finished and return when you have additional design needs. There's no need to let the remainder of your subscription go to waste.

How much can we actually get done in one month?

Total output in a given month tends to be dependent on the level of detail in the requests you submit. For example, if you need a website designed and you already have a creative brief, moodboard/style references, wireframes, and copy written, then you can expect to see UI progress in Figma right away. If you do not have these items, our team will work with you to define and/or create them! However, this necessarily means that it will take longer to get a polished end product. 

What’s your refund policy?

Due to the high quality nature of the work, there will be no refunds issued.

How do I get started?

After paying for a plan, we’ll schedule a zoom call immediately to onboard you into your Trello board, Slack channel, and chat about any questions you might have. You can start adding requests within the same day you start your plan.

Is there a catch?

While we’re still accepting client partners, we only have limited slots each year. This allows intense focus on the quality crafting of your design.