Laolao Studios 
Materializing ideas for LAOLAO STUDIOS, infusing their unique identity with enduring elegance.

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Photography - Shane Anderson︎︎︎
Photoshoot Studio - Blonde + Co︎︎︎
Stylist - Aki Maesato︎︎︎

Crafting family Memories

Manifesto was approached by LAOLAO STUDIOS to bring their ideas to life. Within their identity, we discovered an elegant essence passed down through generations of this passion-driven brand.


Harmonious Hues

The color palette, rich in greens and coffee hues, reflects elegance and cleanliness, harmonizing seamlessly with the natural colors of LAOLAO's products. This fusion creates a harmonious and timeless visual identity.

In addition to the main palette, LAOLAO STUDIOS introduced a burst of four vibrant colors, embracing playfulness and vibrancy. This dynamic palette embodies the brand's friendly and playful spirit, infusing a pop of joy into the visual identity.

Capturing Purity and Playfulness

The art direction embodies purity, playfulness, and joy, capturing the essence of carefree childhood and the pleasures of adulthood. Natural and minimalist imagery, with well-placed bursts of color, serves as the hallmark of LAOLAO's brand.


Exploring Unique Pattern Combinations

Three distinct patterns, inspired by weaving and knots, were meticulously crafted. These patterns can be framed and feature various color combinations, always ensuring a striking contrast with the graphics.


Apollo System Declassified Document

A Timeless Typographic Blend

Dewey Decimal by Monokrom, based on the classic IBM Executive typewriter in the "Documentary" style, channels a vintage typewriter's classic and legible charm. This vintage-inspired typeface adds a sleek and classic touch to LAOLAO STUDIOS' brand.

The typographic blend, inspired by documents like Apollo, seamlessly combines Futura for titles and IBM Executive Typewriter (Documentary style) for text. This choice creates a classic and readable aesthetic that reflects LAOLAO's brand essence.