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Fast-tracking growth and expansion

Manifesto was approached by DITEVO, a company with over 60 years of experience in the luxury automotive market, previously known as DITEC. They sought assistance to redefine their brand identity for their expansion in Spain, where they represent renowned brands such as Volvo, Porsche, and Polestar.

An evolved name and mark

Our design approach involved conducting workshops with leadership to gain insights into the company's culture and future vision. The name of the company speaks to its evolution while preserving certain aspects of its namesake, ensuring it stays true to its original team values.

We created a new symbol that serves as a condensed identifier of the brand. The icon contains a pair of shapes – a curve and a diagonal – representing Ditevo’s dual nature. The curve is a section of a cyclic wheel in motion, conveying evolution. Whereas diagonal lines convey a feeling of or passion for movement and dynamism.

An inspired & functional type system

We developed comprehensive brand guidelines encompassing typography, color, photography, and composition to ensure consistent and impactful brand communication.

The chosen typeface was selected for its resemblance to typography used by Porsche in the 1960s. This typographic system became an essential part of DITEVO's identity, effectively conveying the performance and information attributes of their different models.

Built for scalability and impact

This strategic rebranding has empowered DITEVO to expand its distribution network in Spain, facilitating increased access to luxurious vehicles and solidifying their position as a leading player in the industry. By adopting a new name and incorporating dynamic visual elements that embody luxury and performance, DITEVO has effectively resonated with its target audience. The cohesive brand identity and comprehensive communication strategies have elevated the company's reputation, positioning them as a trusted authority in the luxury automotive market.